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October is World Fair Trade Month

Join millions around the world in raising awareness, building the movement and taking action to support fair trade.  Here's five actions you can take this month to support fair trade!

1)  Shop fair trade:  Did you know our local grocers not only sell fair trade coffee and chocolate, but also have fair trade tea, bananas, avocados, bell peppers, spices such as vanilla and cinnamon, honey, coconut oil, soaps, and wine?  Visit Community Market, Olivers and even Molsberry's Market.  Yes, the big stores too:  Safeway and CostCo also have some fair trade products!

2)  Social your fair trade:  Use all your social power to tweet, instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn with #fallintofairtrade, #fairtrade,  #worldfairtrade.   You'll be amazed at how big our community is!

3)  Enter a contest and win a fair trade prize:  Take a photo of yourself with your favorite fair trade product and post on our Facebook page.  You'll be entered to win a fabulous fair trade prize!

4)  Bake fair trade:  Find a yummy recipe and share the fair trade love with family, friends and co-workers.  Be sure to let them know about the fair trade ingredients you used!

5)  Entertain fair trade:  While you are eating your fair trade yummy, watch a fair trade movie or read a good book.  Kindred has lots of great books in stock!

Visit us at Kindred and let us know how you are celebrating World Fair Trade Month...we'll have free stickers for the kids and may have a surprise or two with tastings and free give aways.

Haven't been to Kindred yet?

When you visit Kindred, it's like taking a tour of over 35 countries with offerings of beautiful handmade crafts, clothing and jewelry.  We have huipiles (textiles) from Guatemala, felted wool birdhouses from Nepal, sterling silver jewelry from Indonesia, telephone wire baskets from South Africa, masks from Ghana, blockprinted tablecloths from India, gourds from Peru, and windchimes from the Phillipines. Kindred is full of treasures, too many to list here so come in and experience the world through fair trade.

What is Fair Trade? 

Fair trade is paying artisans and producers a fair wage in their local economy.  Fair Trade is assuring good working conditions and no child labor.  Fair Trade is sustainable business practices and stewardship of the environment. Fair Trade helps preserve cultural traditions and values.  Join us in supporting fair trade for artisans, farmers and producers around the world.

For more information view our Fair Trade page and watch this video by Fair World Project on Free Trade vs. Fair Trade.

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