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World Fair Trade Day
World Fair Trade Day recognizes and celebrates the impact of fair trade relationships around the world. On May 9, 2015, be an agent of change and support the livelihood, safety, and well-being of farmers and artisans!  Here's five ways to be an agent of change:  1)  Shop fair trade - on your next grocery trip, buy fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, rice, quinoa or coconut oil.  2) Bake a fair trade goodie and share with your family or co-workers.  3) Attend a fair trade event - Kindred is having a block printing party on Saturday, May 9, 12 - 5pm!  4)  Create a fair trade event - serve fair trade tea, coffee or wine at your next party. 5) Share fair trade resources at your workplace or church.

Best of all, if you take a picture to show your activity and post it to our Facebook page, we will give you 25% off any one item in our store!

Mom's Make a World of Difference - Celebrate Mom with Fair Trade
Show Mom your love with a fair trade gift and you will be empowering another Mom to overcome poverty, send her children to school, and access healthcare.

Fair Trade strives to help women realize their full potential and to get the respect in their communities that they deserve. Women hired on Fair Trade farms and plantations are guaranteed access to health care, certain job rights, and freedom from harassment so that women are able to play a strong role in their families and in their coops. Fair Trade certified farms have empowered women through opportunities for education, leadership roles, and scholarships so that girls can imagine a future where they can be their own boss.

Kindred has a wide selection of gifts for your Mom, including Fair Trade Roses from Ecuador!  Call 579-1459 for more information and to reserve your bouquet today!

Haven't been to Kindred yet?

When you visit Kindred, it's like taking a tour of over 35 countries with offerings of beautiful handmade crafts, clothing and jewelry.  We have huipiles (textiles) from Guatemala, felted wool birdhouses from Nepal, sterling silver jewelry from Indonesia, telephone wire baskets from South Africa, masks from Ghana, blockprinted tablecloths from India, gourds from Peru, and windchimes from the Phillipines. Kindred is full of treasures, too many to list here so come in and experience the world through fair trade.

What is Fair Trade? 

Fair trade is paying artisans and producers a fair wage in their local economy.  Fair Trade is assuring good working conditions and no child labor.  Fair Trade is sustainable business practices and stewardship of the environment. Fair Trade helps preserve cultural traditions and values.  Join us in supporting fair trade for artisans, farmers and producers around the world.

For more information view our Fair Trade page and watch this video by Fair World Project on Free Trade vs. Fair Trade.

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