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Kindred offers unique and meaningful handcrafts from over 35 countries.
Artecnica Starlightz
Earth-Friendly Starlightz are entirely made of paper contributing to enviromental and ecological responsibility.
Each Star is printed, punched and glued by hand. This hand made production makes each star unique.

Butterfly Jewelry
Butterfly wing jewelry made by a cooperative of silversmith artisans in Lima, Peru. Not only does this provide needed income for the farmers and silversmiths, but it also helps prevent deforestation by offering alternative income in the Amazon.The butterfly wings are collected in the Amazon rainforest from naturally deceased butterflies raised in a sustainable butterfly farm in Puerto Madonado..

Andes Gifts Alpaca
Almost every Andes Gifts' knitting co-operative and family-based knitting group work in their own homes, which reinforces and respects the local traditions of the area. Instead of flocking to a crowded city for work, families can stay intact and work at their own pace, in spacious and safe environments.

Mata Traders
Our products are handmade using artistic traditions such as block-printing and factory production here. Combine that with flattering design and a flair for color, and you've got the Mata look.
But that's just half the story - this is fashion with impact. For our producers, it's an opportunity to make a better life for their families. Choosing fair trade means you're helping fight global poverty. Watch a video about Mata Traders here.

Hope for Women
Hope For Women® has been bringing premium quality, Fair Trade, eco-friendly products created by women artisans to the mainstream marketplace since 2006, and are committed to providing sustainable employment for economically disadvantaged women worldwide. ReStyle™ is one of our brands.
ReStyle uses beautiful seeds from the South American rainforest like Tagua, Acai and Chirilla, as well as other innovative recycled materials. This encourages rainforest preservation and recycling efforts, while also providing economic opportunity for disadvantaged women and their families.
Watch a video here.

Manos Zapotecas
Small loans are given to women entrepreneurs in Teotitlan. The funding comes from tourists in Oaxaca who want to help and also see how microfinance works. Each artist has grown up in a weaving family, learning their craft at a very young age. The weavers celebrate their ancestral heritage with each new design. By connecting these artisans with new markets, we can all help to perpetuate the superb artistry of the Zapotec people, and at the same time help to improve their lives and their community, one weaving at a time. Watch a video about the weavers.

Noahs Ark International
Noah's Ark started in 1986 to promote artisans in Moradabad, India.
Noah's Ark provides benefits such as education and medical treatment for artisans and their families. As artisan businesses become more self-sufficient, Noah's Ark takes on new families. Since the company's inception, about 20 artisan workshops have become independent. Watch a video about the artisans!

Far Fetched Fair Trade Artisans
Far Fetched has been working under fair trade practices
for over 25 years and supports the artisans with interest
free loans, workshops on safety, production and
new techniques, equipment consignment. Most
recently, Far Fetched is working to provide incentives
for the children of artisans to achieve in school.

Stylish Tatami Purses of Cambodia
Baskets of Cambodia was formed in 1996 in war-torn Cambodia, in villages surrounding the famous temples of Angkor Wat.Since then, Baskets of Cambodia has expanded to employ over four hundred artisans throughout Cambodia. In addition to the modest salaries that are consistently two to three times above what is considered to be "fair trade", communities benefit from health care and education support. The company's goal is to be a positive and dynamic force in the development of Cambodia as well as an innovator of stylish environmentally friendly products worldwide. These functional, sturdy and unique bags are a fresh way to bring in spring!

Global SisterGoods
Global SisterGoods collective in Uganda aims to provide opportunities for women to educate and empower themselves in their businesses as well as their personal lives. The organization helps identify markets for women to sell their crafts and train artisans in marketing, pricing and product development.

Kisii Soapstone Sculptures
Carved of Kisii Soapstone by the Ungudu Society of Kenya, these beautiful works of art express joy, love and affection. Undugu, which means solidarity and brotherhood, was established in 1973, initially to help street children, and is the oldest organization for street children in Africa, and the leading organization for the
rehabilitation of these children. Undugu is a member of
IFAT, the International Fair Trade Association.

Bogolan Mudcloths
from the association Faso Dambe

Over the past 15 years, the Association Faso Dambe has trained over 45 young men in the living tradition of mudcloth art giving them a chance to earn a good living while sustaining nature and culture in the deepest sense. Artisans "paint" designs based upon traditional, international and novel symbols and motifs with fermented mud from the river.

Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets
The Zulu, the largest tribe in South Africa, have long been associated with their skill and artistry in fashioning baskets from the native plants and grasses of their homeland. Urban Zulu, however, have taken their age-old craftsmanship and applied it to a new medium: recycled telephone wire. These bright, washable and sturdy baskets, called mbenge in the native language, come in myriad colors and intricate, mesmerizing designs.

Shupaca Alpaca
Shupaca works with South American artisans and their families to ensure products that exude indigenous quality while remaining fashionably relevant to the here and now. All products are hand woven on wood looms using the same methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years.

The DiDi Jewelry Project
The Didi Jewelry Project teaches women jewelry making and sells their products, empowering women financially and personally. Women in India face numerous hardships; the inequality between genders, the caste system, and the stigmas imposed upon them by society. Many women and girls are HIV positive, widowed, forced into child labor or sex trafficking, or are victims of poverty and discrimination. Our jewelry blends traditional culture and contemporary design by using up-cycled bangles and beads handcrafts into personal pieces of art! See a video here.

Sankofa Center
Each contribution you make towards Sankofa products continues their legacy of free HIV/AIDS education, prevention, testing, and link to treatment programs for thousands of women, men, and youths in Ghana, West Africa. These products, adapted to current fashion, style, and home trends, are skillfully made using fair trade practices by an HIV/AIDS community cooperative in Ghana with pride for its purpose.

Good Fashion. Good Karma.
Amano offers access to stylish and uniquely handcrafted jewelry and accessories from over 100 Mayan artisans in the highlands of Guatemala and many more from Thailand and Mexico.

Mai Vietnamese Handcrafts
Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts began in 1991 as a program for street children, started by social workers. It has become a nonprofit organization that provides income generation and marketing services to Vietnamese artisans and funds various community development activities, including clean water projects, vocational training equipment purchase and teacher wage subsidies. The artisans employ traditional techniques using recycled materials.

Kiters 4 Communities
Kiters 4 Communities creates fun, colorful, and functional beach bags and messenger bags from up-cycled kites donated by kiteboarders in the Dominican Republic. Under the tutelage of Soniel, master tailor, local Haitians develop their skills to produce these bags and keep old kites out of landfills. This social business started by Laurel Eastman and Pete Richardson, provides employment, education and community resources.

Escama 'Pop-Top' Fashions
A sophisticated line of handcrafted handbags for women made of recycled aluminum aluminum tabs. Each bag is unique and hand-crocheted in Brazil - each bag is signed by the artist that made it.

Watch a video to see how Escama bags are made!

Haitian Recycled Oil Drum Wall Art
In Haiti, the traditional art of converting oil drums into wall sculptures is a true mark of both man's imagination and his resourcefulness in the face of dire economic circumstances. Using gallon oil drum cast offs, the artist creates a a flat four-by-six piece of metal "canvas". With a stick of chalk, the artist then draws his intended design onto the metal sheet. Finally, he applies a hammer and chisel to the task; cutting, shaping, and contouring the piece to its completion.

Zulugrass Jewelry
Zulu grass necklaces, handmade by Maasai women in Kenya, are a beautiful and elegant combination of native grass with
Czech glass beads. Single strands can be mixed
and matched with a variety of colors to
compliment any outfit.
Watch a video about the Zulugrass
project in Kenya.

Peace by Piece
Pottery from Nicaragua

Peace by Piece Fair Trade specializes in Nicaraguan pottery and San Juan de Oriente Pottery.

"Batsiranai" translates to "helping each other".
Batsiranai is a collective of over 100 women in Zimbabwe who create dolls, jewelry from recycled bottle tops, and textiles.  The sister dolls with babies in pockets are adorable with the trademark embroidery.  These women are mothers of children with disabilities and the your purchases support the healthcare and education of their children.

Kindred also has a large selection of Fair Trade Teas, Coffees and Chocolates!
We carry box assortments, nuts and chews, truffles and european assortments - both in organic and organic/vegan from Sjaak's!

Much of the cocoa that is being sold on the world market is a product of abusive child labor. By buying Fair Trade chocolate you support a level of income for the farmers that allows them to send their children to school.

Organic Fair Trade chocolate for Easter!